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Encouraging sustainable choices in the beauty industry. 

Our goal is to develop the best quality gel polish brand on the market; offering luxury gel polish at competitive prices whilst also supporting the local Scottish and UK economy. Our entire range of gorgeous gels, top coats and cleansers are all made right here in the UK. Oh, and they're all 100% HEMA-Free.

This is Gel. was dreamt up by Founder & Director Becci* in 2020 after struggling to find a no-nonsense HEMA-free gel polish brand which aligned with her values. So, after 2 years of research and development with the help of top beauty industry experts, she created it.

From our home in Glasgow, we built a brand of beautiful, top-quality gel polish and tools with a commitment to Net Zero by 2050. We are still nowhere near perfect, but what we do promise is to always try our very best.


We have really big ambitions and we cannot wait to take you on this journey with us. 

*one of her friends spelt her name like this when she was 13 which she thought was unfathomably cool at the time  but now it's stuck, so leave her alone

Image by v2osk
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