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Care & Application

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Application Instructions

Your step-by-step guide


1. Prep

Gently push back eponychium and remove the cuticle. Shape the nail to the desired shape with your file, then lightly buff the surface of the nail plate with a 180 grit buffer, ensuring all shine is removed.

This is Gel Professional Gel Polish

4. Add Colour

Apply a thin layer of TiG gel polish in your favourite shade, making sure to lightly cap the free edge and ensuring no polish gets on the skin.  Cure for 60 seconds.

This is Gel Professional Gel Polish

2. Cleanse

Spray a little Cleanser on to a lint-free pad and softly wipe the nail plate, clearing the nail surface of any oils or debris.

Nail Salon

5. Repeat

Repeat the previous step 2-3 more times depending on desired colour intensity.

This is Gel Professional Gel Polish

3. Base

Apply a thin layer of Premier Base and cure for 60 seconds in a minimum 48w lamp. Don't forget to cap the free edge.

This is Gel Professional Gel Polish

6. Finishing Touch

Apply a thin layer of Premier Gloss and cure for 60 seconds.


Spray Cleanser on to a lint-free wipe to remove the tacky layer. Finally, finish with cuticle oil, gently rubbing into the cuticles.

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